Courtesy Pay is a checking account service that you must opt-into, which allows your purchases to process when the funds in your checking and savings accounts are insufficient.  So if an inadvertent overdraft occurs, Courtesy Pay can help protect your checking account and your reputation. 

** IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT COURTESY PAY:  Please scroll down for complete information.


  • Available by opt-in only
  • Allows your purchases to process when  funds in your checking and savings accounts are insufficient by allowing inadvertent overdrafts to occur
  • Can cover overdrafts of up to $500
  • Protects your good credit
  • A $20 fee is deducted from your checking account each time Courtesy Pay is applied to a transaction


You must opt-in to receive this service.

Overdraft Protection Line Of Credit

If you would like further monetary protection on your checking account, look into Qside’s Overdraft Protection line of credit, which works as a separate line of credit to pay for transactions when your checking account holds insufficient funds.  If you choose to enroll, funds would be withdrawn from your Overdraft Protection line of credit account.


Federal lawmakers have created new rules governing overdraft protection programs, which went into effect on July 1, 2010.  As a result, you must now “opt-in” in order to keep or commence your Qside FCU overdraft service privileges (“Courtesy Pay”), which cover your ATM and everyday debit card transactions.  

The low fee for Qside’s overdraft protection program (“Courtesy Pay”) is $20 per overdrawn transaction and you may opt-out at anytime at no cost.  Qside Federal Credit Union’s overdraft protection program is designed with your protection and convenience in mind.  While the vast majority of our members do not overdraw their accounts, we understand that life doesn’t always go according to plan so when an inadvertent overdraft occurs, we want you to be covered.   
For Existing Accounts:  If you do not opt-in, your ATM and debit card transactions will no longer be protected under Qside Federal Credit Union’s overdraft protection beginning August 15, 2010.  If you do opt-in, you will continue to receive your overdraft services with no changes.
For New Accounts:  If you open a new account on or after July 1, 2010, your ATM and debit card transactions will not be protected under Qside Federal Credit Union’s overdraft protection unless you opt-in.
To opt-in and keep your overdraft protection, simply complete this form and return to us via mail, fax or in person.
Please note that this opt-in rule applies only to ATM and debit card transactions and does not pertain to overdraft protection services associated with written checks or recurring debit transactions, such as regularly scheduled bill payments.