A Qside Signature Loan is a low-rate borrowing solution for any need.  If you need money for debt consolidation, school, unexpected expenses, or a computer – whatever it may be – a Qside Signature Loan can help you.

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  • Loans for any purpose

  • Terms of up to 72 months

  • Some of the lowest rates around

  • Borrowing limits based your individual creditworthiness

  • Receive a 0.50% APR discount* when you pay off your loan using Payroll Deduction, as well as more options for payment scheduling and the potential for additional savings

  • Pre-pay your balance without penalty

  • Ideal for debt consolidation – pay off your existing bills and debt immediately, then make just one low payment each month to repay the Qside Personal Loan.

  • Credit Life and Disability Insurance available

*If Payroll Deduction is discontinued, your APR will increase by 0.50%