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low rate car loans in Queens, NY apply here

Whether you're buying a new or used car, or looking to pay off another lender, we've got the Auto Loan rates you deserve.

Rates As Low As: >  Same Low Rates for New, Used and Refinanced Cars
1.79% APR   |   35 months >  100% Financing Available
2.25% APR   |   59 months >  .50% Discount for Payroll Deduction Payments*
2.75% APR   |   83 months >  Flexible Terms
3.95% APR   |   84+ months >  Pre-Approvals
  >  No Pre-Payment Penalties
  >  No Application or Setup Fees
  >  Borrowing Limits and Rates Based on Individual Creditworthiness
  >  Optional Gap Coverage
  >  Optional Credit Life and Disability Insurance
  >>>  Calculate your monthly car loan payment here


Car Insurance Requirements

Members are required to maintain Comprehensive and Collision insurance coverage on their car for the duration of their Qside car loan term.  To ensure that car collateral is protected, Qside monitors its Auto Loans for proper coverage.  Requirements for your insurance policy: 

  • Qside Federal Credit Union must be included on the policy as a lienholder or loss payee
  • The car must be insured for both Comprehensive and Collision coverage
  • ‘Comp and Collision deductibles’ cannot exceed $1,000
  • Coverage must be maintained until the car loan is paid in full


Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

Qside’s GAP coverage protects members against potentially high-cost, out-of-pocket expenses in the event that their car is stolen, accidentally damaged beyond repair or otherwise declared a total loss.  Under these conditions, GAP pays the difference between the amount of your Qside car loan and the insurance company’s estimated cash value of the vehicle at the time of the event.

Qside offers GAP coverage at costs that are usually significantly lower than GAP coverage offered by auto dealerships.   Talk to your loan representative about how much you could save if you opt to purchase this valuable coverage from Qside.


*APR = Annual Percentage Rate.
Receive a 0.50% APR discount when you pay off your car loan using Payroll Deduction. Ask us about payment scheduling and the potential for additional savings and discounts. If Payroll Deduction is discontinued, your APR will increase by 0.50%. The lowest APR that Qside will grant is 2.0% APR, including any payroll deduction discounts.


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